This husband and wife duo is the real deal! I have been in 15+ wedding in my life I've seen just about everything. They absolutely exceeded every expectation. The pictures are just on another level. Their ability to efficiently pose large groups is the best I've ever seen. I seen other photographers waste so much time trying to do this but they nailed it in no time at all. The intimate photos getting ready before the ceremony look like they belong in a fashion magazine. They litterally got better and better as the night went on. Our reception was action packed, my wife and I danced a good 75% of the time and every time I looked up from the fun they were there capturing all the genuine happy moments with friends and family. The candid photos are so good , looking through the mountain of photos they gave us feels like living my wedding night over every time. Not to mention they gave us like 100 pictures the day after that we shared immediately on social media. Then gave all the rest to us 1 month after the wedding. I can not recommend them enough... for what they gave me I honestly feel like they should have charged me double.


I took a chance on Warm Up Lab, without any personal recommendations, because I truly fell in love with their portfolio, and I am so glad I did. The communication was easy, the photographers were truly interested in previewing the venue and meeting us to understand our personal style and needs. Roge and Fernando are very hands off and are able to foster a very natural and comfortable environment which is why the product is so special. The turnaround time for pictures was about two weeks, and we love our pictures. I must add, the most special part of going through our wedding album was being able to see all of the captured moments of our friends and family that we didn't personally witness!


We feel so lucky to have found Warm Up Lab - Roge and Fernando - to shoot our wedding. They are incredible and their work truly told our story. We will cherish the memories they captured forever and highly recommend them to other couples.
First, the quality of their work is excellent. We were drawn to their photo-journalistic style and ability to capture beautiful, unique moments -- the big ones as well as the small, behind-the-scenes moments you could easily have missed. The couples' photos and first-look shots are stunning - between Fernando's incredible artistic skill and Roge's creative eye, we have an amazing collection showing our love and excitement on our wedding day. Roge did an amazing job coordinating our large wedding party and families into gorgeous group shots that feel spontaneous and lively. Our wedding venue was somewhat small and quite full to capacity -- despite this, they captured everything beautifully -- the intimate hugs, the bumping dance floor, the dinner conversations and laughter. Looking back at our photos, we can truly relive each moment of the day.
Beyond the excellent quality of their work, they are the loveliest people to work with, putting us at ease throughout the process. When we first met them, we were struck by how warm and easy to be with they are. Roge met with us before the day to walk through our photo locations and timeline which was incredibly helpful to make us feel comfortable with the process. We really appreciated the time she spent with us on this step, as it helped us visualize how everything would go down and feel less stressed. On our wedding day, she reminded us to breathe and stay in the moment -- an important and very much appreciated reminder! We are so happy they were part of our day.
Finally - they are so fast! They sent us our "sneak peek" link of incredible photos the very next day which we absolutely loved, and finished photos within a month of our wedding. Being able to relive these moments while we are still feeling the energy of that incredible day has been so much fun. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Warm Up Lab!


Fernando and Roge are documentary photographers whose photos told the story of our day in a way that went beyond our expectations. They captured beautiful personal moments between our guests and managed to get up close, but in a way that never felt intrusive. In a short time, they engendered a great deal of trust - this reflects in the intimate nature of all the portraits and how at ease our guests felt with them. As a couple they respected all our wishes and boundaries, and we were deeply moved when we received all our pictures. You don’t get to participate in many things that happen at your own wedding day, but through their work we got to experience them. Thank you Roge and Fernando, we are so thankful life brought you both our way.


Our friends' recommendation of Roge and Fernando was definitely the best wedding gift we received. We could not be happier with the photos and the experience, and now get excited for any opportunity to recommend them to others.
It's difficult to put into words how thrilled we are with the images, both for the incredible moments and emotions they captured--many of which we hadn't remembered or experienced firsthand--and just as art. We knew we liked Roge and Fernando's style from their website, but we were still floored but how beautifully they were able to document our wedding day.
And we've treasured the experience of working with Warm Up Lab as much as their quality work. Roge is an absolute pleasure to interact with from day one, and while we didn't have her as a second shooter, the details she had anticipated made for a seamless day and moments that wouldn't have otherwise been caught. She has remained just as kind and responsive after the wedding. Fernando, in addition to having a remarkable eye, was a wonderful presence throughout the day (especially for a couple not so comfortable being photographed). We all--our families included--felt incredibly at ease with him, even in the most emotional moments. Roge and Fernando were also incredibly flexible and understanding when our plans changed at the eleventh hour due to weather. It turned into an even better ceremony than planned, but that would never have happened if we had to stick with the initial time frame. Working with Warm Up Lab was definitely the best wedding planning decision we made.


Working with Fernando and Roge was a great experience all around. They are very genuine people on an individual level and absolute professionals when it comes to their work. Fernando has a great eye for photography and uses his professional judgement when taking photos and Roge is great at organizing everything and keeping things moving throughout the day. Together, they were extremely accommodating with our day of schedule and were able to fit in a ton of family portraits which my family wanted and some photos shot in our home in Brooklyn. My family and friends also commented how they really enjoyed their presence during the wedding and how they were very unobtrusive when taking photos. Thank you Roge and Fernando for all of your genuine hard work and effort! Our Snapshot photos came out wonderful, especially they ones at the Beekman Hotel and we can’t wait to see the rest!


Roge and Fernando are simply amazing. The photographed our wedding on May 12 and were so professional and a pleasure to work with. The photos are just absolutely exquisite and they seem to really understand the romantic artistic vibe we were going for as opposed to cookie cutter wedding photography. They were also very flexible in terms of schedule and just really easy to work with on the day of. Roge really keeps the schedule and checklist on point and Fernando is the artist - a dream team!!!


We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Fernando and Roge from Warm Up Lab!
We recently hired them for our May wedding in Brooklyn. They first caught our eye due to the artistic and candid style of their work but we knew we were going to hire them within the first half hour of meeting them as we immediately felt comfortable and we knew we would be well taken care of.
Fernando and Roge have a great rapport and balance each other well. Fernando is the photographer and the artistic eye while Roge handles the scheduling, daily communication, and makes sure that all of the important people, moments, etc... are captured on the day of.
Not only were we so incredibly happy with the way our photos turned out and the little moments that (we were shocked) had been captured but we continue to hear rave reviews from all of our guests about how professional and hardworking our photographers were all night.
A lot of photographers will cap the amount of photos they will take or charge you for a specific number but Fernando kept shooting all day and night and we now have an amazing album of over 1500 photos to look back on from the day. All of these were cleaned and sent to us within a few weeks of the wedding. We were so impressed! What's not to love??
As I said- we have nothing but positive things to say about Fernando and Roge and highly recommend them. Hopefully, we'll have an opportunity to hire them again in the future.


Warm Up Lab Weddings was one of the best parts of our wedding. Out of all the vendors from our wedding it really felt like Roge and Fernando knew the importance that our day had for us and this not only translated in the photos they took but also in their attention to detail during the wedding. They were such an important part of our day not only because they were capturing the moments but they really became part of the festivities and the family. I would recommend them wholeheartedly if you want to feel that your photographer cares as much about the day as you do and that comes through in the photographs in a very tangible way.


Fernando and Roge were great to work with! We knew right away that we wanted to hire them for our wedding when we met. They were punctual, knowledgeable, and very receptive to what we wanted. We were appreciative of their communication leading up to the wedding, and their responsiveness after the wedding while they were editing the pictures/video. Fernando goes to great lengths to get a great shot; at one point he went up a rickety 15 foot ladder to get a phenomenal photo of us overlooking the city from the roof. Actions like that really show you how passionate Fernando is about photography and taking advantage of a space. We loved the sample of the photos in our inbox the day after! All around we are really happy with Fernando and Roge and are glad to have had them be a part of our wedding day!


Roge and Fernando made sure I don’t forget a single moment for my wedding day. Every second was beautifully captured. Amazing photographers. We had Roge and Fernando cover our rehearsal dinner and the entire wedding day. We received the wow photos the day after the wedding, and they look amazing! We highly recommend working with Roge and Fernando. They are incredibly kind, talented, communicative, and will make sure that good photos happen!


Can not say enough great things about this wonderful couple. Roge and Fernando go above and beyond to get the most beautiful shots. I am not someone who is comfortable in front of the camera but they did such a wonderful job of putting me at ease and making it fun. They were an absolute delight to work with and the pictures were STUNNING! I would highly recommend them to anyone


I just got married in early September 2017 and working with Roge and Fernando was fantastic. They are utmost professionals, prompt, organized, responsive, easy to work with and go above and beyond for their clients. They made great suggestions the day of, and our pictures are just stunning. We could not be happier with the way the day flowed with Roge and Fernando or the final result. They cherry on top is they are warm and lovely people, it was truly a pleasure working with them. I cannot recommend them enough. Any couple would be luck to work with this incredible pair. Thank you Roge and Fernando!


We could not be happier with our choice of Fernando and Roge to photograph our wedding in NYC at the Nomad Hotel Rooftop. They are a wonderful, extremely talented couple with such a positive and professional approach. From perfect coordination with timings and locations, to their patience and adaptability to working with our busy family and friends, to their final finished product of absolutely stunning photos – they are a perfect choice for any wedding. They had promised to get us some WOW photos by the next day and as promised we had a link to share with our overly joyed family and friends. We have not stopped receiving compliments on their photos and even their overall presence at the party. Words can not express how grateful John and I are for Roge & Fernando who helped make our special day even more magical. Thank you again!


Roge and Fernando were an absolute pleasure to work with! They have a beautiful eye and captured the day amazingly. It was an absolute pleasure having them photograph our wedding. They made wonderful suggestions, kept us on schedule, and really made us feel so comfortable. It was truly special to receive a sneak preview the morning after the wedding. Our family and friends are swooning over the images and cannot wait to receive the rest of the photos. We are so lucky to have worked with them and to have such amazing pictures from our day